Vyom Sharma's performs:


  • Stage entertainment for corporate functions

  • Private parties e.g. CHRISTMAS/NYE functions

  • Roving/Strolling entertainment at any functions

Stand up performances can run from 15 to 45 minutes.

All that is required is space for the performer and for guests to be standing or seated around.


Roving/Stroling/Walkaround entertainment is perfect for breaking the ice amongst guests at functions.
This involves the performer meeting, mingling and performing for only a few guests at a time and working their way through the crowd over an hour


Both have their benefits, but often one or the other is best suited.

It is best to discuss your individual requirements while booking.

Sadly, Vyom is not available for any children's parties or shows. 

For those please approach the highly recommended Alex Dela Rambelja, or "Alex the Magician" : www.alexthemagician.com

For particularly difficult children, the services of Luke Hocking are best suited: www.lukehocking.com.au

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