For your 2018 corporate Christmas party, get a Magician in Melbourne as your event entertainment!

An interactive, comedy-magic experience is the perfect idea for end of year celebrations, be it a cocktail function, get-together lunch, party or formal dinner.

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‘‘Bloody amazing’’ - Kelly Osbourne

‘‘I'm lost for words’’ - Dicko

‘‘That was unbelievable’’ - Dave Hughes

‘‘How 'd you do that!’’ Karl Stefanovic

★★★★ ‘Fresh approach to Magic’ – Herald Sun

★★★★★ ‘A dynamic show’ – Theatre People

★★★★ ‘Magical Mastery’ – In Daily

★★★★✩ ‘Mystified’ – Adelaide Theatre Guide

Fresh off performing on Australia's Got Talent, Sydney Opera House, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, for the 2018 end-of-year season, Vyom Sharma is offering the following packages.

  • 100 - 500 people: 30 minute stage show

  • 30-100 people: 20-30 minute informal stand up performance

  • All crowds: walk-around/roving magic

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Frequently asked questions

Which package is right for me?

This depends on the venue location, presence of a stage and the number of people you expect. 

walkaround/roving magic is the most versatile choice - it will work with the event you already have planned, whether it's a standing cocktail party, or sit down dinner. Here, Vyom mingles with the crowd, performing incredible close up illusions inches away from them.  

What happens on the day of the event?

Vyom will need the contact details of someone who is present on the day of the event.
For a stage or stand up performance, he will arrive 30 minutes early to set up.

For walkaround/roving performances, he will arrive 10-15 minutes early - there is no set up here - he just walks in and gets the party started!

So... what will he perform?

Don't expect a cheesy magician with a wand, rabbit and top hat.  Vyom brings his modern day magic for his savvy audiences!

Expect guests to be laughing and gasping! He will be inviting people to volunteer as part of tricks, but at no point embarrassing them.  Borrowed $5 will turn in to $50's, people's wedding rings will vanish and reappear in unexpected places, uncanny predictions and audiences will be dazzled by award winning sleight of hand skills. 

What is the fee/quote?

A quote and availability can be provided within 1 hour - just ask here!

Any stage or Stand up performances are charged a flat fee. Walkaround/roving fees are charged on a time basis, ranging from 1-2 hours.

Will the entertainment be offensive/embarrassing to guests?

No. This format of entertainment has to cater to a wide audience, so none of the material is offensive. Moreover through years of experience on television, stages and exclusive parties, Vyom has developed the ability to read the room and adapt accordingly.

How is payment conducted?

For most bookings, deposits are not necessary. Payment can be done by direct bank transfer, or cash. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice. 


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