Dr Vyom Sharma


Dr Vyom Sharma is a medical doctor and sought-after media commentator.

As a recurring panellist on The Project (Network 10) and The Drum (ABC), Dr Vyom Sharma draws on his unique perspectives to deliver sharpc ommentary that connects with audiences at all levels.

To live events he brings the same boundless energy and charisma that have seen him become a grand finalist on Australia's Got Talent with astonishing acts of magic and mentalism.

Dr Vyom Sharma uses his unique expertise in matters of the mind and body to give compelling demonstrations of the power of perspective, persuasion and problem solving.



As a keynote speaker, entertainer and MC Dr Vyom Sharma has presented to live audiences of thousands. He has used his communication skills as a GP to pitch his message at various levels, such as managers (Siemens Engineering), maintenance engineers (Qantas), pharmaceutical executives (Amgen) and university students (Guest lecturer at Monash University) and Science communication events such (Skepticon, produced by Think Inc).



  • The magical solutions to impossible problems - using magic as a metaphor to demonstrate how the mind can overcome impossible-seeming challenges in both corporate and personal life.

  • A modular, 20, 30 or 45 min talk blending the science of biology with the live demonstrations of magic and mentalism to deliver messages on powerful themes such as

    • Creative thinking

    • Sparking creativity

    • Problem solving

    • Perspective

    • Persuasion



  • Leading health commentator Dr Vyom Sharma has seen thousands of high performing corporate workers, legal professionals, and high-end executives wanting to maximise their performance, longevity and minimise BURNOUT.

  • What causes these issues in the first place?

  • Recognise the early signs

  • What can you do to prevent the epidemic of employee burnout in your workplace?

  • 3 science-based strategies can you use to supercharge your own performance throughout the day?

    In 45 minutes, General Practitioner Dr Vyom Sharma sorts facts from myths and teaches actionable strategies that you can implement within a few weeks to generate measurable results.


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